Just Imagine Training

We are excited to be introducing our new training platform with a blended learning version of our course Reading Across the Curriculum: Science.

This course has been developed to:

  • improve general literacy
  • increase children’s reading in science
  • develop specific literacy skills for science
  • improve the critical literacy skills that are essential for reading in the 21st century

This innovative course comprises 9 bite-sized online modules and a coaching element. With 12 months of access to training materials, this form of training is designed for sustained and meaningful whole school development, leading to significant benefits for pupils’ learning in both literacy and science.

A version of the training without the coaching element is available for individual teachers or small groups.

Other courses are in development and launching soon:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Grammar in Context
  • Reading in History

One of the most empowering courses I have ever attended

… and one of the most influential in terms of its impact on practice. The course is underpinned by sound research, offering a fresh theoretical perspective as well as innovative practical approaches that have been easy to implement. We are already seeing the impact in the early stages of our journey into disciplinary literacy. I would urge any schools seeking to develop the teaching of literacy across the curriculum to sign up. 
Claire Williams
Assistant Head, St Andrew’s Primary School, Halstead

Our training

We run training across the UK and internationally. From short courses to longer development projects, if you would like to work with us, we’d love to hear from you.