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Teaching Through Text – Year 5

Delivered by Nikki Gamble, Jo Castro


In this webinar, we focus on planning to deliver the English curriculum through selected quality texts.

Starting with an overview of the characteristics of a good reader in year 5, we then outline the criteria for text selection.

We will be using One Million Insects one of the new texts for the Autumn Term from our Take One Book resource to illustrate the potential for teaching with this text. You do not need to be using Take One Book to benefit from the principles and practices shared in this session.

After this, we outline a progression through a sequence of work that moves from first encounters with a text to deeper reading.

The sequence orchestrates the range of skills and experiences that readers need to progress their reading at this stage, including comprehension skills, opportunities to develop fluent and sustained reading, language skills and the development of response. The aim is to develop deeper, reflective, analytical and responsive reading rather than pratising skills for their own sake.


Relevant phase

KS2: Year 5


Participants will be able to:

Areas of focus

Planning and teaching through text including the orchestration of:

What you get

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School (up to 30 teachers)



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