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An Audience with David Litchfield


An Audience with… is a series of live events hosted by Nikki Gamble and Just Imagine, bringing the finest children’s book illustrators and writers to our audience of teachers and librarians.

We are delighted to be welcoming author and illustrator David Litchfield, whose work includes The Bear and the Piano series Lights on Cotton Rock, Grandad’s Secret Giant and most recently, Kid Christmas. He has also illustrated picture books for other writers, including Smirti Halls (Rain before Rainbows and Peace on Earth), Ross Montgomery (The Building Boy and Space Tortoise), Teresa Heapy (The Marvellous Moon Map and The Spectacular City) and Anne Booth (A Shelter for Sadness).  The quality of light in David’s picture books is often referenced in reviews. He is also highly acclaimed for his black and white illustrations of David Almond’s novellas War is Over and Island.

He has also illustrated Gregory Maguire’s animal adventure, Cress Watercress.

The format for this event is an in-conversation interview with Nikki Gamble, followed by a panel discussion and audience questions.



  1. Attendance at the live event and access to the replay
  2. A copy of Kid Christmas (not included for attendees with a Just Imagine membership, but books can be purchased separately)