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Getting Started with Take One Book

Delivered by Nikki Gamble, Jo Castro


This course is recommended for schools that are about to start or have recently started using Take One Book.
The course comprises 6 short modules which explain the Take One Book Pedagogy.

We start with an introduction to Take One Book and explain the 4 strands of research which informed the development of our pedagogic approach. We call these the 4 pillars of Take One Book. Subsequent modules mode through the different stages of the teaching sequence with an explanation of the principles and exemplification of some of the strategies that might be employed at that stage.

Module 1 An Introduction to Take One Book
Module 2 Text Potential
Module 3 Hook and Orientation
Module 4 First Encounters
Module 5 Digging Deeper
Module 6 Review and Reflect

We recommend that this course is followed by our Reading Comprehension training, which provides a more in-depth explanation of reading strategies plus exemplification, including videos of teaching and learning in school.

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Both courses are compatible with the Take One Book pedagogy and use Take One Book books and resources for exemplification.


This course is suitable for school leaders, teachers and learning support assistants working in schools that subscribe to Take One Book.


At the end of this course you will:


6 modules for school-bassed study.
The cost for this training is for a school. All teachers and learning support in your school may have access to the training.
The training is available for 12 weeks to allow time for you to work through the modules at your pace and revisit them.